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California Institute of Electronics and Materials Science
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       In the field of materials and devices testing, CIEMS is basically oriented toward measuring electrical, magnetic, thermal and optical properties of solid and liquid metallic, semiconducting and insulating materials, and testing electronic instruments and various elements of the electronic and electrical equipment.

     Having originated in the area of the "Electronics Belt" of Boston, CIEMS moved in 1981 to California, and very soon after the beginning of its operations in the Golden State, a wide range of businesses, industries, professional and government agencies all over the USA - from Washington to Florida and from Maine to Arizona - were attracted by the high efficiency, reliability and accuracy of the testing methods and equipment used by CIEMS in combination with very reasonable charges for its services.

     A relatively narrow specialization of testing - only electrical, thermal and optical methods - permits the scientists and engineers of CIEMS to concentrate on excellence of performance, on improvement of measurement accuracy, and on the reliability of test results.  Normally, we use testing methods and calibrated apparatuses in accordance with the guidelines of the American Society for Testing and Materials, American National Standard Institute, American Society for Quality  Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers, National Electrical Testing Association, and National Institute of Standards and Technology (National Bureau of Standards).  In cases where there is not a standard procedure, we design and implement special testing methods to meet the needs of our clients.

     The CIEMS' staff of engineers, scientists, and technicians possess top credentials and long years of hands-on experience.  They have knowledge and resources to test virtually any material, instrument, or device that is used in industry.  Our key specialists are active members of the leading standard-making societies.  The CIEMS test reports routinely provide not only exhaustive information regarding the test results and detailed description of the test equipment and methods used, but also data that enable clients to improve their products.

     The tests offered by CIEMS include, but are not limited to:

A.  Electrical and Magnetic Measurements

    Voltage Impulse Test of Parts

    Surface and Volume Resistivity in the range from 10E-5 to 10E15 Ohm cm

    Electrical Contact Test with Thermal Cycling

    Insulation Resistance Test up to 10E15 Ohm

    Electric Breakdown and Dielectric Strength

    Dielectric Constant and Loss Factor Test from 60 Hz to 30 GHz

    Dielectric Domes (Radomes) and Microwave Antennas Testing

    Shielding Effectiveness (Surface Transfer Impedance) Characteristics

    Impedance, Capacitance, Inductance, Velocity of Propagation, and Other Cable Parameters

    Electrostatic Dissipative Properties Test of Materials and Static-Dissipative Fixtures, including Conductive Resilient Flooring

    Post-Accident Investigation of Damaged Parts, Presentation of Failure Analysis, and Recommendations of Corrective Measures

    Hall Effect and Magnetoresistance

    Magnetic Susceptibility and Curie Point

    Thermoelectromotive Force Test

B.  Thermal Measurements

    Thermal Conductivity

    Thermal Diffusivity

    Heat Capacity and Specific Heat

    Linear and Volume Thermal Expansion

    Heat Distortion Testing

    Differential Thermal Analysis

C.  Optical Measurements

    Optical Absorption

    Optical Reflection

CIEMS provides electrical safety testing that includes:

    Basic Circuit Review

    Insulation Adequacy

    Current Leakage Test

    Static Charge Dissipation

A substantial function of the testing divisions is:

    Calibration of Electric and Electronic Equipment and Devices to Manufacturer Specifications.

    Periodic Accuracy Test of Electrical Instruments.

    Calibration of Thermocouples, Resistance Thermometers and Radiation Detectors.

    Calibration of Dilatometers, Calorimeters, and Thermostats.

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